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Dr Jeremy Broadhead
MA(Oxon) MBBS MPhil FRCPsych


Dr Broadhead has been a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Hospital Hayes Grove, a part of the Priory Group, since 2002, when he returned from New Zealand. In 2004 he was appointed Hospital Medical Director. In 2012 he was appointed Clinical Director for private practice at the Priory Group. He has been an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in the section of General Practice and Mental Health at the Institute of Psychiatry. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is specially approved by the Secretary of State under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act, 2007.

He was awarded an open exhibition to Exeter College, Oxford, where he read medicine and then completed his clinical training at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, passing final exams with Distinction. After working in surgery, oncology and neurology he became increasingly aware of the primacy of mental health as the determinant of patients' quality of life. He trained in psychiatry at the prestigious Maudsley Hospital in south London, with experience in the fields of old age, general adult, child and addicitions psychiatry. In this time he completed a research degree (MPhil) on bipolar illness.

He was appointed to a consultant post at the Bethlem & Maudsley NHS Trust, South London, in 1994. In that role (1995-1998) he ran a busy Community Mental Health Team in an ethnically diverse and socially deprived area of south London.  He developed a Mother and Baby service for the Borough of Croydon, which won the Sir Graham Day Award for NHS service development (1999).

He has spent approaching ten years overseas. This time included as a Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (1987), as a Lecturer in psychiatry at the University of Zimbabwe (1990-1992) and as Clinical Director for Mental Health Services in West Auckland, New Zealand (1998-2002). In those countries and in the United Kingdom he has considerable experience teaching about mental health to different professional groups.

His research and publications (see below) include in basic science, on pituitary function and the effect of Alzheimer's disease on the amygdala, about psychiatric illnesses including depression, mania and Alzheimer's disease, on the role of social factors in the development of anxiety and depressive illness, and models for establishing mental health services in developing countries. This latter work was in Zimbabwe. He retains a strong interest in teaching and assisting with the development of mental health services in sub-Saharan Africa.

He has extensive clinical experience in the assessment and treatment of adult psychiatric conditions. He works with therapists and psychologists with whom he has developed close working relationships over the past ten years. His approach is to provide a thorough diagnostic assessment, and then to give detailed information about treatment possibilites to assist patients to make optimally informed decisions about their care.

At the Priory Hospital Hayes Grove he is consultant psychiatrist for a unit treating psychiatric disorder co-morbid with high functioning autistic spectrum disorder. 


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Prizes and Awards

Open Exhibition in Natural Sciences (Medicine), Oxford University
ICI Educational Scholarship
Scholarship, Royal College of Pathologists
Merit Award, Middlesex Hospital
Maudsley Hospital Mapother Award
MacArthur Foundation Research Scholarship
Sandoz Maudsley Prize for Medical Student Teaching
Lilly Travelling Fellowship, Royal College of Psychiatrists UK
Sir Graham Day Award (for NHS service development, UK)
Clinical Achievement Award, Waitemata Health services and GlaxoSmithKline merit award (for service developments, New Zealand)